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30 Apr

Oprah Winfrey announced on her TV show that Marianne Williamson was lecturing on a Spiritual Journey through Oprah’s XM radio. Marianne invited anyone who had had a transformation from pain to peace in their lives to send their essay through Oprah.com. I went on the Oprah website and submitted my letter. This was my first letter I wrote directly from my heart. To my surprise and delight, my letter was selected from among the thousands and then beautifully read on…..

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” We have to imagine being in their heart and walking in their shoes to hear what they are saying.”
01 Mar

With 23 years between my two children, I entered a different world in 1995 when my second child was born, of the demands and responsibilities put upon children from their own parents. Back in 1971, the over-achiever parenting style was unknown by me.  However, as a new old-schooled mom, I was unfamiliar and terribly confused with the aggressive parenting style that I continued to offer my second child similar choices as my first, which initially came from my mother’s devout…..

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