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14 Jun

What does our First Lady, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and my mother, Amelia DeNofa, have in common that make a family thrive? In an interview with NBC News that aired Tuesday evening, Clinton explained one of the many reasons why she may forgo a 2016 run. “I am about to become a grandmother in the fall, which I know is gonna change my life,” she said. “I don’t know how I’m gonna feel about that. I wanna feel the feelings around becoming…..

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14 Oct

Our Best Role Models I read that the first “Mystery Plays” performed in the early Church, along with the scenes depicted in stained-glass windows, were created for people who could not read or write. The earliest of these plays took place in churches rather than in theaters, with the priests and monks acting out Bible stories. They were performed to allow people to reflect on and be lifted up to a truer understanding of God and how to live. This is similar…..

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