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” We have to imagine being in their heart and walking in their shoes to hear what they are saying.”
01 Mar

With 23 years between my two children, I entered a different world in 1995 when my second child was born, of the demands and responsibilities put upon children from their own parents. Back in 1971, the over-achiever parenting style was unknown by me.  However, as a new old-schooled mom, I was unfamiliar and terribly confused with the aggressive parenting style that I continued to offer my second child similar choices as my first, which initially came from my mother’s devout…..

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15 Oct

Imagine a mother with seventeen children, being aware of one missing child alone in her bedroom for too many hours. She then goes on to make all the necessary arrangements to let this child know that there’s a world outside waiting for her, and needs her. This is just one of the things my mother did for my youngest sister, Shirley, who was fourteen-years-old at the time.  I was married, and with a four-year-old daughter when I received a phone…..

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