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27 Oct

“I am beginning to suspect all elaborate & special systems of education. They seem to me to be built upon supposition that every child is an idiot who must be taught to think. Whereas, if the child is left to himself, he will think more and better, if less showily. Let him come and go freely, let him touch real things and combine his impressions for himself…” ‒Helen Keller Those with a formal higher education who have earned degrees worked…..

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15 Oct

Imagine a mother with seventeen children, being aware of one missing child alone in her bedroom for too many hours. She then goes on to make all the necessary arrangements to let this child know that there’s a world outside waiting for her, and needs her. This is just one of the things my mother did for my youngest sister, Shirley, who was fourteen-years-old at the time.  I was married, and with a four-year-old daughter when I received a phone…..

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