02 Oct

Fairly New Theory Has a Name

Shortly after becoming a member on Red Room, I began posting my personal experiences of finding a genre that was related to my book Imprinted Wisdom that I was working on at that time. I realized now that I kept questioning myself, since I honestly didn’t fit into any one genre, religion, or organization until I found the Society of Emotional Intelligence. It dawned on me that emotional intelligence is the genre of all our stories.

I have been reading and learning so much about the SOEI this past month, and will be attending my first conference  October 17-18 in Tampa, FL ., and meeting with several great professionals in this field.  I hope to learn and share more with you in the future, and become certified.

I know that I would not have considered to inquire about becoming an EI member if it weren’t for my editor Evelyn M. Fazio, a publisher/editorial director and literary agent with over 30 years of experience in mainstream trade and library publishing. She made a note to me that after working with me on Imprinted Wisdom, that although I have neither academic training nor a psychology degree, those 25 years of Bible studies and theology courses, conferences, and lectures on spirituality are enveloped throughout Imprinted Wisdom and are high on the chart of emotional intelligence.

I am grateful for Evelyn’s professional writing skills and her proficiency in emotional intelligence that led me to research this fairly new theory that’s been taking place in my life, and has a name.

How Proficient is Your Emotional Intelligence?


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Written by Catherine Nagle

Catherine grew up in Philadelphia with 16 brothers and sisters, reared by loving, old-school Italian parents. Catherine's artist father's works graced churches and public buildings; her mother was a full-time homemaker. A professional hairdresser, Catherine worked in various salons while studying the Bible and pursuing spiritual growth through courses, seminars, lectures, works of Marianne Williamson, and conferences, including the National Theology of the Body Congress. She is also an Ambassador of the Society of Emotional Intelligence. The mother of two children and now a grandmother, Catherine lives in Pennsylvania with her husband. She is the Author of Imprinted Wisdom, Absence and Presence, Amelia, and a contributor to Anne Born’s These Winter Months: The Late Orphan Project Anthology.

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