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29 Jun

“Pray. Period! Don’t expect anything. Or better, expect nothing. Prayer cleanses us of expectations and allows holy will, providence, and life itself an entry. What could be more worth the effort — or the non-effort?” – Thomas Moore I find this quote by far the most powerful saving Grace of the infallible devotion of all traditional prayers. Have you given thought about what your saving prayers are? I am reminded of this even more these days. My wise 90-year-old aunt…..

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29 Sep

I have found that through prayer, meditation, repentance, purification, forgiveness, and being nonjudgmental, our minds become peaceful and calm. These practices help us to muffle the noise of the outside world that can distract us from God’s presence, which lives in all of us. Not being distracted helps us to focus on that which serves our highest purpose, which God intends for us. When we follow God’s guidance, our actions bring joy, not only to ourselves, but to the rest…..

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