Imprinted Wisdom

The true story of one young woman’s struggle to survive in the wake of not one but two devastating losses is an inspiring tale of survival, strength, faith and love. “Imprinted Wisdom” tells how Catherine, in the wake of such heavy sorrow, found her way back to wholeness, and to grow, prosper and return fully to life. After the heartbreaking death of her childhood-sweetheart husband, 26-year-old Catherine, by now the young mother of a 6-year-old, returned to the shelter of.....

Other Works

SKU-001135673.gifEach essay in this collection is related to the hardest choices we all must make in life in dealing with time management, money, family, parents, children, friends, careers, education, marriage, love, divorce, grief, wisdom, and well-being. These pieces are based on my own life experiences over the last forty years and are filled with stories of hope and the consequences of our choices. We must be careful before we act on our feelings. We’re not always as smart as we think we are.